Monday, January 5, 2009


A new year usually brings new resolutions as to how we want to change our lives. I suck as resolutions. I get two weks in and go "Why bother?" so instead I thought I'd share my plans with you for the upcoming year. I think plans are better than resolutions. There is more than a general goal involved, it becomes very specific, and the more specific a thing is in your mind, the more likely it is to get done.

1) For the first four months of 2009 I will not buy new clothes and instead will thrift them and make/refashion them myself. i've taked a 4 month pledge with wardrobe refashion. I have to post each week on my progress of not shopping for new clothes and share any clothes that I refashioned from my own wardrobe or thrifted. I plan on making several peices from existing clothes and my sewing stash including:

  • A victorian ruffly coat
  • a short sleeve jacket in an Asain print fabric
  • A pink skirt
  • modified black cords
  • A purple puffy sleeve shirt with patchwork
  • a purple skort

2) I plan to craft more. I have several knitting projects planned including some socks, scraves and tops. As we rang in the new year, I taught myself cabling and managed to already have a birthday present done for my mom. I'm also branching out from using established patterns and designing my own projects.

3) I plan to submit some of these designs to online knitting magazines to keep up my freelancing writing that I have neglected for the past few years.

4) I plan to periodically look at the mundane things around me and devise a better, prettier way. Functional items tend to get forgotten and I want to make sure that at least some of those functional things end up pretty, almost pieces of art in themselves but with a practical everyday use to them.

I invite you to think of what your plans for 2009 are. How do you plan to prettify your life?


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