Monday, December 29, 2008

Handmade Holiday

Whew! the holiday season is almost over, and now I can show off a few of my creations. I made nearly all my gifts this year. (Each person usually got one completely non homemade gift) I made books, hats, bags, dishcloths, neckwarmers, mousepads, bears, dragons, and dresses Oh My!

First my little Sprite's PJ's. I winged the top and used an established pattern for the pants. I've decided I love smocking. It makes everything just that much cuter. I saw this pink paisley fabric at the thrift store. $3 for a bag with two pillowcases and a flat sheet. Scored the ribbon there too for 50 cents. I'm insanely proud of this flower embroidery. I don't even know why. It's a simple stitch accented with buttons to cover a tar stain. This is so much better than a Pajama set I could have bought in a store.

Next up are the results of a ball of striped cotton yarn and and a Thanksgiving where I tried not to stab anyone with my knitting needles.

I got a generous fluffy dishcloth out of it, another small cloth I use to wipe Sprite's face and a little fish for play cooking.

I really like this striped yarn and I'm trying to move more toward dishcloths and less toward sponges. There's nothing quite so nasty as a sponge that's fallen apart after it's been "cleaned" in the dishwasher. I'm planning on making several dishcloths. I made one in dusty hues for my mother and a frilly circular doily type one from knitting knonsense for my mother in law which for some reason I do not have a picture of.

I enjoyed making most of my gifts this year and since most of it was from my stash I feel good about what I spent considering how precarious my job seems at the moment. I hope everyone had a terrific holiday and hope the new year brings good things to all!

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