Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hogwarts Goodness

I've been working on this awhile and finished my Ravenclaw scarf based on the pattern from atypically knit. It's the prisoner of Azkaban style. I used a vintage dusty blue wool blend and moonlight mohair in the silver color way. I got the mohair for $1.50 a skein (used 2)and the blue in a lot off ebay that I bought for all the other yarn in there. I used all 4.5 balls that came with the order.

Overall it cost about $8. It's 6 and half feet long with fringe and 9 inches wide (knit in the round so it's a double layer)

The mohair gives it a nice aura and a bit of glitz.

Here is closeup of the fringe, striping and initial in duplicate stitch.

This scarf took upward of 50 hours of knitting including the fringing. It was my first time doing color changes and my first time doing duplicate stitch. Overall the project was easy, but time consuming.

A while back I did a swap and made this wand (alongwith the turtle and DNA pendant) It's a harry potter style wand made from recycled paper.

I've joined a Harry Potter Swap on, so you will eventually see more hogwarts goodness.

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jessica said...

Ravenclaw!!! Always nice to find another crafting Harry Potter fan on the blogosphere :-). Do you specify houses for your swap?